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I can't tell you what a wonderful book this is for children and adults. Let it be a testament to that that we are reading The Little Starfish for the fourth time.
I read the book OLIVIA in one day. I couldn't help devouring it page by page. Some of the sentences, or the author's enlightenments, I would love to have painted on my wall so I wouldn't forget them for the rest of my life!
That little book is absolutely amazing! There are so many beautiful moments and insights into what I guess you could call: "how to sow defiance in a child".
I work as an educator and yesterday was my first time working with your cards. We touched on a few topics and I read some of the pet references with a lump in my throat. Thank you!
"I read it in one breath over the course of an afternoon, alternately crying and laughing out loud.♥️ It is a very comforting feeling that one is not alone in this and that it is okay to give a child a blue sky even in the face of their greatest sabotage of all social norms, when those around them and often extended family don't understand or are instead clear about the "severely out of control spoiled brat".
..I wanted to tell you how great this book is. I'm saving the last chapters and I don't want to finish it because it's a really great read not just for moms.
The Elizabeth booklet is perfect! My second grader read it on his own and "planned" this season for us to plant on his own.