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to have open conversations with your children

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Even children have their problems:

Why aren't my classmates talking to me?

Why is the teacher unfair?

Why does my friend have better clothes, a mobile phone...?

What should I do if I feel abandoned?

Why do my classmates gossip about me?

Why does my mom like my brother better than me?

Children are tormented by losing in floorball, by a failed piano performance, but also by the lies and backstabbing of their loved ones.

Children's problems can sometimes be bigger than themselves. They get overwhelmed and they feel unhappy.

The pack contains 24 cards. On each card there is an animal that comes to deliver its message. The cards also include an explanatory booklet that explains the message.

Take out one card and place it on the table. Look at the picture and think about what advice the animal is sending you. Then read the text in the booklet for a more detailed interpretation of the card and what the animal is telling you. (see the enclosed booklet for more detailed instructions)

A wise counselor who: 


Often a child is unable to navigate his feelings and cannot name exactly what is bothering him. By pinpointing the problem, much will become clear.


This step brings relief. The card animal will give the child a chance to change his attitude toward the situation. Perspective will make him feel better and more joyful.


Each card contains a task to help feel what it is like to perceive the problem in a DIFFERENT way.

Younger children work with the cards together with their parents; older children can work independently. The work with the cards is praised by teachers in schools and kindergartens, child psychologists and parents. There is no upper limit because the cards touch the souls of adults as well.